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What summer brings…

Summer is here! Not too long ago it used to be my favorite season; it still is…! However, summer is turning into an urgent reminder of how rapidly the climate crisis is evolving. The year 2023 was the warmest year on record, and 2024 is promising to be even hotter. Climate scientists are warning about the triple threat to the US: high heat, wild fires and tropical storms.


Today I share my painting “Wild Fires Until When” (detail), which will be soon on view at the “Free Speech” exhibit at LexArt (see below). This diptych was painted on two repurposed (found) canvases while reflecting on the tragedy that the increasing frequency of wild fires brings, now happening in every corner of the planet. Cutting greenhouse gas emissions, improving forest management and learning to better prepare for fire help manage the calamity of this climate change induced phenomena. More than ever, we must expedite our fight to speed up our transition out of fossil fuels to curb carbon emissions.


Regarding ART, I am excited to share about 2 exciting juried exhibits my work was accepted to:

  • TOGETHER AS ONE, group exhibit of NAWA MA, curated by Aimée Burg, Galatea Fine Arts, Boston MA - July 5 to 28, 2024 - Opening reception: Fri July 5, 2024 (6-8 pm)

  • Free Speech: Art & Activism, group exhibit, Curator: Chenoa Baker, LexArt, Lexington MA - July 20 to Aug 25, 2024 - Opening reception: Sun July 21, 2024 (2-4 pm)

And I have fantastic news about the i3C Artists Group:

  • The i3C Artists family is growing! We have brand new members joining us to continue to spread our mission. Check them out here.

  • Our next group exhibit, Changing Tides, curated by i3C Rebecca McGee Tuck, is coming up at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts, Hopkinton MA, from July 3 to Aug 29, 2024. Come to our opening reception on Fri July 12, 2024 (6-8 pm)! More information about the various events planned with this exhibit here and our group’s website.

Enjoy the Summer!

Image: “Wild Fires Until When”, acrylic, acrylic pen, ink pen on found canvas, approx. 14 x 23 inches (Diptych: 2 canvas of 14 x 11 inches), available. This work will be exhibited at Free Speech: Art & Activism, LexArt, Lexington MA from July 20 to Aug 25, 2024. If you have questions or would like to purchase any of my artworks, please contact me here.

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Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
Jun 22

Wonderful painting!

Jun 22
Replying to

Thank you Helena! Wild fires are in my mind these days. Stay great! 😊

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