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Adriana G. Prat is an academically-trained scientist with a PhD in Biophysics turned passionate abstract artist. As you speak with Adriana, you will learn that she has also been passionate about the environment since her childhood days in Argentina, when her father used to bring her to an exuberant neighborhood park and educate her about why we should value nature that provide us with food and beauty. This understanding influenced her curiosity that led to life choices, including her decision to become a scientist and a vegetarian.


After Adriana moved to the US, a more introspective lifestyle inspired her to embrace art-making, another childhood pursuit she was fervent about. After switching her full time focus to art, an art residency in amazing insular Iceland, further motivated her to find a new unique way to communicate her concerns about the way we are treating the world. Adriana’s quest is about finding a way to live a more sustainable life to halt climate change, through her work and, through her curatorial activities, the work of other artists, kindred souls committed to the urgent environmental cause. For her artworks, she works on alternative painting supports such as corrugated cardboard and repurposed canvases.


Adriana has exhibited at open studios, galleries, alternative spaces, and museums, in Argentina, and the US, mostly in the greater Boston area. More recently, she has shown in galleries in Reykjavík, Iceland, and London, UK. When not at her Cambridge studio, Adriana welcomes visitors to a shared studio in the Boston SoWa Art & Design District.

  • Check out my recent virtual studio visit (May 18, 2021), hosted by the Cambridge Art Association here.

  • Check out my recent interview at the SoWa Artists Guild Facebook LIVE event here.

  • Most of the paintings featured in this website are available for purchase. Feel free to contact me to ask about a price. Instalment payment plans are available.

  • I have many more paintings and drawings for sale in my Cambridge studio. Contact me for a virtual or in person studio visit.

  • For questions or comments, please leave me a message in the "contact" page and I will respond immediately to your inquiries. 

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Check my shared SoWa studio space website: TWO THIRTEEN, A Collaborative Space for Artists & Ideas @ SoWa Art & Design District, 450 Harrison Avenue, studio 213, Boston MA / Instagram @studio213art 

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