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The Bleeding Sea
Pollution and the Gold II comp
The True Treasure of the Ocean III
Intolerable Tide of People
Sea Cells
Ecosystem at Risk CORAL - compressed
Who Will Speak For The Ocean Compr
Planet B?
Some call it evolution
The Glaciers are Melting compressed
Unveiling I
Listen to the land
Landscape a la fire
Kind of Blue
Forgotten path
Change is on its way
Three island suns
All paths leading to it
Gold island
The last island
The first island
The surreal island
Illusion of a journey
The industrial island
Map of the end of the world
The time has long passed
Until when?

Climate Crisis Series: Of Maps, Cells, Islands and the Planet

While I am a non-representational artist, my abstract topographies evoke the cells of organisms or maps/islands. Thus, my surfaces can be imagined either on a microscopic scale, or a macroscopic level.

Microscopically, informed by my scientific background, the biomorphic forms I create approximate the intricate topographies of cellular structures.

Macroscopically, these forms are reminiscent of maps, geographies, land, ocean, or even our planet as a whole, in a constant struggle to survive; morphing and mutating under the endless pressure of human-induced abuse, exploitation, pollution, and environmental change.



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