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The magic of connections

Back when we could move freely and at ease, we took for granted our ability to use our senses, especially our sense of touch, and how powerful our senses are in establishing connections with our surroundings and others. Lately, hearing and seeing our loved ones on the other side of a screen is all we have. I think about ways to connect with others, even virtually, and think back on the beauty of the link created during those precious moments of communion with each of those in our life journey.

Our senses, our words, and our willingness to feel vulnerable, are pillars in creating those ties, which-- if we are attentive and lucky-- could last all of our lives and remain strong, even in the absence of regular interactions due to planned or unexpected circumstances.

The sound of one's voice when they tell us their fears. The sight of one's hands holding a cup of coffee as we share a quiet moment. The way we both laugh at the same joke. Their eyes looking in the distance. The aroma of a familiar meal that they make in our kitchen. Hearing their confessions about lost jobs, loves, and opportunities brings us even closer. Understanding their frustrations and their dreams makes a bond stronger than the current reality lacking physical touch. We create communion by opening our hearts and our senses to the musicality of words shared-- and every single time it feels like magic…

This year, I am virtually connected to a community of talented artists brought together by the Cambridge Arts Council, Cambridge Arts Creative Marketplace. Please stop by my virtual studio here.

Image: Unveiling your interior, mixed media on cardboard, 41 x 32 inches, available for sale at the Cambridge Arts Creative Marketplace. If you are interested in asking me for commissions or in other of my artworks, please contact me here.

Do not forget to check out my “News” page to see my upcoming, current, and even past recent exhibits. Until next time!

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