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Speaking Out

It has been extremely busy at my studio lately. In addition of my solo show at the Multicultural Arts Center and the events related to it, I am actively planning the next events and shows for the i3C (inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis) artists group. Amid all these activities, a few weeks ago I was approached by 2 amazing humans, Delainey LaHood-Burn and Joana Alarcão, who asked to interview me about my art activities, an especially in relation with my passion for the climate crisis. It gives me a strange, thrilling, feeling to put my voice out there, sharing my story, my inspiration, and my views. More info about these interviews at the end of this blog post.

I grew up in Argentina and I often remember how my upbringing affected my current art practice. In my childhood, I spent hours drawing or building craft projects. My father, an environmentalist ahead of his time, also influenced me into value nature and the other species, and to be curious about the world that surrounds us. Through the TV, American astronomer Carl Sagan and Jacques Cousteau, who pioneered marine conservation in France, were also key influencers in my decision to study science.

After I moved to US, I worked as a scientist at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston MA. Also, in this country I had a more introspective life. This new lifestyle and an early diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis helped me reconnect with my old passion for art-making and my decision to become an artist. I painted part-time but with passion and determination, even while working full-time in science and raising a family that was always supportive of my life choices.

Because I lived much of my early life under a military dictatorship in Argentina and later as an immigrant in US that could not vote, in the past I felt that my true voice was frequently censored, muffled, and that I was afraid to speak. Once I became a full-time artist and as a US citizen, I was able to focus in using my art to bring awareness and inspire change for the climate crisis. It has not been easy but my belief that we need to bring this urgent topic to our everyday conversations and inspire change to resolve it is stronger than any tendency of resistance I might have.

Although I am passionate about this environmental topic, I hope my story resonates with those who are afraid to speak up about other issues; those who have ideas and passions but lack the confidence to have their voices heard and hopefully inspire them to change as well.

Image: “Map of The End of The World”, acrylic, and acrylic and ink pen on canvas, 6.25 x 9 inches, NFS (not for sale). This painting and many more will be on view until June 3rd, 2022 at the Multicultural Arts Center. I will speak about the making of this painting on Friday May 20th (6 to 7 pm EST) at the exhibit’s Virtual Talk. Please register here to attend. If you have questions or comments about this artwork or others on my website or Instagram, please contact me here.

Below you can find information about some exciting upcoming events and the interviews I mentioned above:

  • My show TOPOGRAPHIES OF THE COLLECTIVE MISFORTUNES is now on view until June 3rd at the Multicultural Arts Center (41 Second Street, Cambridge, MA). The exhibit looks amazing! I am grateful to the Center for giving a home to my recent work inspired by the Climate Crisis and the Pandemic. Some related events are:

  • This coming Friday May 20th (6 to 7 pm EST) I will give a virtual talk. Please register here to attend. It will be fantastic to see you there!

  • On Wednesday June 1st (6-7 pm EST) the Multicultural Arts Center will host a Virtual Artists Panel, “How do Artists Respond to the Climate Crisis?”, featuring the i3C (Inspiring Change for Climate Crisis) Artists Group and curator Adriana G. Prat. The event will center around artists presenting how their work represents a response to the climate crisis. Register here.

  • On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022 I was featured in GBH in the article “Meet the Greater Boston artists inspiring climate action through their work” by Delainey LaHood-Burn, along other local artists, including amazing i3C artist Rebecca McGee Tuck.

  • I was recently interviewed by Joana Alarcão for her podcast “Insights of an Eco Artist”. You can listen to our conversations, Episodes 8 and 9, or here. It was a delightful and enriching experience!

Thank you, readers, for your support!

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