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Reimagining Our World

Climate Week has just passed in NYC. The conversations, meetings, protests and related events, where governments’ and corporations’ representatives, and civil society leaders converge, are complex and intricate, pointing that the efforts to the energy transition to the urgent decarbonization and other climate solutions needed – while experiencing serious hurdles - are yet happening. It is crucial to continue this transition and we need all hands-on deck to act.

However, we cannot expect change to come only from world leaders or figures of financial or influential power; it needs to come from every one of us. We need action at all levels – from countries to counties, from industries to academic institutions and homes. Every voice plays a critical part in the current global dialogue about the environmental and climate crisis. Thus, please continue to share how the climate crisis is impacting you and your community, and how empathy and collaboration can bring solutions to the urgent cause.

Change starts with how we think.

Talk about the crisis. Normalizing the conversation with compassion can inspire others to embrace change as well.

Avoid the politicization of the crisis. But we need to hold those in power accountable for what is done or what is not done related to the environment.

Look into how you spend your money. Who we support is especially important, from the food that we eat to the clothes that we wear, to all the “stuff” we consume.

Be engaged with the cause. Through local or national groups, or by reading about the topic to find ways on how to be more impactful in our actions.

Spending time in nature reminds us of what we are focused to save. Fall in New England is a particularly beautiful time to connect with everything non-human.

Regarding art, I am excited to invite you to a couple of events:

· Don’t miss the Opening Reception of “GEOMORPHIC FORESIGHTS”, a 2-women show with artist/curator Liliana Folta, on Thursday Oct 12th (4:30 to 6:30 pm) at Gallery 1832 of LabCentral, 238 Main Street, Cambridge MA. Register as soon as possible here!!!

· Tomorrow! Wednesday Sept 27th (3:30 to 5 pm): Come to the Opening Reception of the current i3C group and special guests’ show, Metamorphosis: Artistic Visions for a Resilient Planet, curated by Rebecca McGee Tuck, at the Scollay Square Gallery, Boston City Hall, 1 City Hall Square, Boston MA, on view until Oct 30, 2023.

Hope to see you then!

Image: “Reimagining Our World”, acrylic, acrylic pen, and ink pen on corrugated cardboard, 47.5 x 41 inches, available and on view at the “Geomorphic Foresights” exhibit. Come to the Opening Reception on Thursday Oct 12th (4:30 to 6:30 pm), 238 Main Street, Cambridge MA. Register here!!!

(photo credit: Miranda M. Viskatis)

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