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Inspiring Change for Climate Crisis

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

No matter where we live, our human society is such that each of us is immersed in a system of consumption of stuff, from food, devices, clothes, décor, to anything that we buy on a regular basis to fulfill our essential or not-so vital needs. The production of much of what we consume is massive. The associated demand - exploitation - of natural resources used in this process is tremendous and not new: over the course of the years, it has altered our unique ecosystem and it continues to do so in a way that steadily and somewhat irreversibly affects our beloved and unique planet. The consequences of this exploitation include climate change, environmental degradation, and the extinction of flora and fauna species. A delicate balance/steady state has tilted over the course of time, especially in recent years when the population is larger and the production of stuff is more ubiquitous. We increasingly witness the menace of this environmental crisis in our own country and communities in the form of wildfires, flooding, and tougher weather conditions.

In addition, and tragically, this crisis disproportionately impacts vulnerable populations - the actual climate crisis losers - who face the greatest challenges in the mitigation of the environmental calamity. Solutions to the climate crisis must address not only emissions and ecological repair, but also social disparity.

The climate crisis is a collective, global, calamity that requires collective solutions. However, as individuals, each of us might feel overwhelmed and powerless because there is no actual “owner” of the problem, and the crisis seems too massive to deal with. As catalysts for change, artists and their art can remind us that personal awareness and responsibility are essential to create community to build joint power: the power of the ripple effect!

Art gives the artist an opportunity to become environmental activists to continue strengthening the climate justice movement, supporting activists already engaged in this critical work, and inspiring new people into the urgent need for change.

From a position of a humbleness but with a strong commitment to inspire both, awareness about climate crisis and change to help resolve this crisis, I am curating a group exhibit, “Meditations on Climate Crisis: Inspiring Change”, that will feature 2D and 3D artworks from ten artists, residents of the Northeastern USA region. The participating artists, that include Shelby Meyerhoff - assistant to the curator - and I, are diverse in backgrounds and art practices, but share a personal and artistic commitment to the topic of the climate crisis. The art processes and visions vary from using repurposed materials and decreasing waste, promoting personal and collective sustainability practices, or celebrating the beauty of all inhabitants of our ecosystem, including species that are at risk of extinction.

The exhibit will be hosted by the honeyjones gallery in Cambridge, MA. I am delighted to have found in the Gallery owner, Julie Ayaz, a perfect partner, enthusiastic about the beautiful and powerful artwork selected, passionate about environmental issues, and with a unique creative eye and gallery running approach.

The exhibit viewer will explore the complex feelings that this crisis can bring up for each of us. The goal is to inspire a sense of wonder and possibility in the natural world, and to consider ways to reclaim power to produce change that will stop and hopefully reverse the course of the climate crisis. Each of us can deliver change, big or small, and contribute to the ripple effect needed to build a solution to this global crisis.

Of note, this exhibit expanded from a 5-artists group show where I participated, that was displayed at the Multicultural Arts Center (Cambridge, MA) during November and December 2020. It is conceived as an evolving series of exhibits to continue to inspire awareness and change to stop and revert the climate crisis. As curator of the exhibit, the expectation is that more artists will be incorporated and involved, and the project will grow into additional future exhibits.

More specific info about the upcoming exhibit is below. I hope to see you in one of the events or the gallery!!!

Image: “Some Call It Evolution” (detail), acrylic, acrylic and ink pen, and Uni POSCA pen on canvas, 20 x 16 inches, will be on view in November at honeyjones gallery in the “Meditations on Climate Crisis: Inspiring Change” group exhibit. More information about the exhibit, below. If you have comments or questions, please contact me here.

Upcoming exhibit:

“Meditations on Climate Crisis: Inspiring Change”

Location: honeyjones Studio - 270A Concord Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Dates: Nov 4th to 28th 2021

Specific Information:

Curator: Adriana G. Prat - Assistant to the Curator: Shelby Meyerhoff

Participating artists: Cedric Harper, Maria Celeste Linardi, CJ Lori, Michelle Lougee, Rebecca McGee Tuck, Shelby Meyerhoff, Carol Moses, Jeffrey Nowlin, Steven Rudin, and Adriana G. Prat

Opening Reception: Sunday November 7th (noon to 6 pm).

Virtual Artist Talk: Thursday November 18th (7-8 pm) - via Zoom: Register here

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