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Fall & change

Maybe it is the influence of the season that here in the north hemisphere is at peak time these days. The Fall is thought of as the season of change, transition, and preservation. Maybe it is that these past few weeks were abundant in a wide range of personal emotions, ups and lows, and right after months of living in the uncertainty of the health crisis that tints all aspects of one’s days and life... Maybe a combination of all this instructs my current mood which has been more introspective than usual. 

At the same time, it is spring in the south hemisphere where I am from and where many of my loved ones reside. Their (my virtual) Spring is the season of re-birth and growth. 

The introspection that gives birth to growth and change governs my thoughts and thus my art as well. Older paintings transition into new ones, new paintings give birth to new art exhibits and exciting projects. The only constant is change and by embracing it we grow and eventually bloom into the next Spring of our life cycle. 

Last Fall, like each year for many years before that, I participated in the Cambridge Arts Open Studios, a highly anticipated annual event featuring the art of the vibrant artistic community of my city. During the weekend event, visitors have the chance to visit the artists' studios, interact with the artists and meet new and old friends. I crave these interactions! However, like many other similar events these days, the Cambridge Arts Creative Marketplace is now online! A big plus is that now people from other states or countries can enjoy the event from their computers. Please stop by my virtual studio here and greet me in the comments below. Enjoy!!!

Image: Happy world after all, acrylic media on high quality cardboard, 16 x 32 inches, available for purchase at the Cambridge Arts Creative Marketplace. If you are interested in other artworks, please contact me here.

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