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While I am writing this post, I can hear children talking, laughing, and playing in the park across the street. It is a beautiful warm Fall day in the city. If I were to forget for a moment that there is, alas, still a pandemic out there, and a crazy political war a few days before a big election, I would think that life on this side of the planet is splendid and problem-free. The reality is that many of us are frazzled, here or on other parts of the global community. I meditate about the current status of things and I conclude that we need more than ever to think about breathing in, breathing out… Calm our minds and souls to calm our bodies… Trust our intuitions and our resources, even if sometimes we think resources around us might be scarce or null… And ask for help. The only way to come out of many of the dark holes we seem to be drowning into is by exercising compassion toward those around us and/or be the recipients of the kindness from our loved ones or even from strangers… So many emotions that need to be controlled and tamed… And why not, pampered…

As an artist, I frequently reflect about my emotions and about how they relate to my identity or life path. This transpires into my artwork, into my abstractions. Memories trigger sentiments and many times extraordinarily strong ones. I recently finished a mixed media painting created during a particularly personal rumination about when those precious recollections are lost and how to find them, while creating new ones… This small but powerful piece (detail below) is now exhibited at the Hibbard Gallery of the Rockport Art Association and Museum, as part of the “Unexpected #13” show of the Experimental Art Group I recently have the privilege of joining. If you are in town, please visit the exhibit. You can also see it online.

Lastly, check out my “News” page to see my upcoming, current, and ongoing exhibits. Many of them are featured online so you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home, wherever that might be.

Image: Cuando se empieza a perder la memoria (detail), mixed media on canvas, 9 x 6 inches, not for sale. If you are interested in asking me for commissions or in other of my artworks, please contact me here.

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