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Updated: Aug 21, 2022

After working steady and focused during the first part of the year, I just had the chance to break from my routine; the studio, computer work, social media and other communications. I am now back feeling rejuvenated and inspired. I am carefully looking into my previous habits and daily actions and enjoying this feeling of “resetting” my priorities, schedule and thus my life.

Resetting… Set again or differently, the dictionary tells us. Reboot, recalibrate, restart… Improving our current situation in life, health, relationships, family, career, … , the planet?... spiritually?

Any chance that we encounter to stop and think, either during a long break, a vacation, a change in circumstances, or during a short moment of inspiration through nature observation, or through a piece of art or a meaningful phrase, text, book, poem… is a golden opportunity to assess what we tend to steadily set our routine into, the everyday groove of actions, thoughts, feelings we invest our time into...

Is all that I usually do necessary? Are there things that I can do differently, or not at all? Am I doing all I can to be a better me, to use my unvaluable time wisely; am I doing all I can for my loved ones, for my health, … for the health of those around me, including our communities and our world at large? Big questions, unique opportunities to stop, observe our actions, the smaller ones and the bigger picture ones, to assess their value in our lives, and leave behind that which doesn’t serve us and keep the truly essential ones.

If we are present in each moment, in a mindful way, we do not need to travel to the mountains or to a monastery to find the answers to these questions… We can take any moment to stop and reset, if we decide to.

Has this happened to you as well lately? I hope that during the (hopefully) slower days of Summer, you are also finding the chance to reset, reboot your life, your actions, to continue the year and your life in a way that better serves you, your loved ones and our global home. I will love to hear your experience…

Finally, I invite you to visit the exhibit I recently curated “Inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis” with the i3C artists and 5 guest artists affiliated to our host, Unbound Visual Arts (UVA), on view at the Arthaus Gallery (43 N. Beacon St, Allston MA) until Sept 16. Bring your family and your friends and enjoy the amazing art of these multidisciplinary artists, and get inspired to change some action/s, reset something in your routine that can contribute to resolve the environmental crisis and your own life.

You can find more info in the i3C artists website and the UVA exhibit main webpage where you can find the exhibit catalog. The print version of the catalog is also available in the Arthaus Gallery, which is open Thursdays 4-8 pm and Fridays and Saturdays - 1- 6pm.

Image: “Resetting”, acrylic, acrylic & ink pen, and water-soluble crayons on repurposed vinyl record, 12 inches diameter, available. Brand new piece finished yesterday! If you have comments or questions about this artwork or others on my website, please contact me here.

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2 commentaires

Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
19 août 2022

You sound full of energy! I can tell that this break did you good. I am looking forward to my own anticipated break this coming week. Living in a city, I need to go out to the countryside and woods to get out of the noise and racket that goes on in my neighborhood day and night. I need the nature to reset and to be reminded of what is truly essential in life instead of the human created games that we all have to participate in to some degree. Thank you for sharing and for curating and being a wonderful human being and an inspiring artist, Adriana!

20 août 2022
En réponse à

Dear Helena, Thank you for your own enthusiasm and inspiring message! That type of break in nature that you describe is so powerful and essential. I am really appreciative of your support and your words. You are doing so much beautiful work! Enjoy your much needed break!

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