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For the love of Nature, Art & the Connection with Kindred Souls

This is a very special week: The summer exhibit of the i3C Artists group and guests - 21 artists! - that I curate is coming to reality at the Unbound Visual Arts (UVA)’s Arthaus Gallery! Since the mission of our group is to inspire awareness and action for the environmental and climate crisis, and in the context of all the recent - terrible - news from the US political powers, the work is more important than ever…

But let us talk about ART. Being an artist and a curator, collaborating with multiple eco artists, and being exposed to so many different art practices, I often wonder if and how this affects my creative process.

I conclude that it is very inspiring! In addition of the exceptional artworks the i3C artists produce, they are diverse in backgrounds and art practices, but share a personal and artistic commitment to the topic of nature love and preservation, and the climate crisis. Their art processes and visions vary: some artists are celebrating the beauty of all inhabitants of our natural ecosystem, like species that are at risk of extinction; some are depicting idealized visions of interspecies harmony; some explore collective issues like consumerism, the impacts of natural disasters and the societal consequences. Very importantly, some artists are using repurposed/rejected materials and decreasing waste, that promote sustainability versus consumerism in their art practice.

Being related to these special humans opens my mind, it connects me at a higher level with each of them and with others during my own exhibits or the group exhibit’s openings and events, and it brings hope to the cause we all care for… Being exposed to their ideas and creations, especially with artists whose practices are highly sustainable, pushes my own creativity to more sustainable practices myself. I remain adaptable and open to all the perspectives and ideas for environmental solutions knowing that the problem is terribly complex and challenging…

Yesterday I had the amazing experience of receiving the artworks that will be part of the exhibit at the Arthaus Gallery. In addition of the i3C Artists, I invited 5 amazing UVA-affiliated artists whose work intimately and powerfully relates to the exhibit theme to participate in the show. Pieces that I had only seen on a photograph were now in front of me and in my hands. A very emotional moment…. I am thankful to John Quatrale at UVA and his interns who will bring this dream into reality.

More info about the exhibit and related events below. I hope to see you there!!!

Image: “Planet B?”, acrylic, acrylic & ink pen, and water-soluble crayons on repurposed vinyl record, 12 inches diameter. If you have questions or comments about this artwork or others on my website or Instagram, please contact me here.

Inspiring Change for the Climate Crisis - Curated & organized by Adriana G. Prat, designed & installed by Unbound Visual Arts (UVA), featuring 16 artists from the i3C artists group and 5 UVA affiliated artists, at Arthaus Gallery, 43 North Beacon St., Allston MA - July 24 to Sept 16, 2022


i3C Artists: Steve Bennett, Sarah Meyers Brent, Cedric Harper, Martha Heller, C.J. Lori, Maria Celeste Linardi, Michelle Lougee, Rebecca McGee Tuck, Michael Manning, Shelby Meyerhoff, Carol Moses, Jeffrey Nowlin, Paula Pitman Brown, Steven Rudin, Luna Sconty, Cynthia Staples.

UVA artists: Si Chen in collaboration with Hui Huang, Muriel Horvath, Pauline Lim, Nilou Moochhala, Michaela Morse

· UVA Exhibit page here

· Opening reception: Thu July 28th, 2022 (6:30 to 8:30 pm) - Registration here

· Workshop: "Cardboard and Coyotes": Sat July 30th, 2022 (2 to 3:30 pm) - Registration required here.

Curatorial Statement:

The current environmental crisis is multifactorial: pollution, extreme weather, loss of biodiversity, and other tragedies - too complex, too intertwined, and yet too urgent. A collective problem that requires collective solutions. But, as individuals, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. We wonder, “How can I contribute to the solution?”

This exhibit of 2D and 3D artworks offers the perspective of multidisciplinary artists exploring various aspects of this crisis. Some address the impact of consumerism by reinventing reclaimed materials, or by creating a dialog with humanity's waste and pollution. Some explore the effect of climate change in our local communities or global ecosystems, and others celebrate natural beings and their interconnection, pointing to their unique beauty and vulnerabilities.

We hope to inspire in the viewer a sense of wonder, as well as an awareness that change is not only possible but also a necessary and powerful element for critical environmental transformation. Awareness and recognition of the crisis are the first personal steps to change the current trend. We can tap into each of our creative strengths, deliver action, big or small, and contribute to the ripple effect needed to resolve this global crisis. This joint force is fierce and those in power are listening.

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