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What I Love about a Gratitude Giving Season

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

When I moved to this country I didn’t know about Thanksgiving and I was curious about such a profound holiday, so rooted in my new home country. So many controversial aspects of it, about its origin, so much historical distortion - and I am certainly opposed to the massive killing of turkeys during this holiday…

Yet one aspect that I really love is that we celebrate it by expressing our gratitude to loved ones and to those in our lives. And what really aligns me with this holiday is that people are not shopping for gifts like for other holidays… It is not about consumption of stuff, and I want to think that eventually no food goes to waste. I also hope we are all more tolerant and truly embrace the diversity of humans and all other species alike.

As I thank you, my dear readers, for being in my life and for your support, I hope that when you think about my art, you think of it as a reminder that we need to be more mindful about over-consumption of things, stuff, food, and everything that we feel “we need to have”, and of the impact our behavior has on our natural world. Please remember that to see more of my recent work like "Who Will Speak For The Ocean", you can contact me to schedule a visit (in person or via Zoom) to my Cambridge studio here.

A Holiday Tip!: While you cook, entertain or visit your family this week, please consider these 6 steps to a plastic-free Thanksgiving here from Beyond Plastics.


Until next time! Enjoy the season…!

Image: “Who Will Speak For The Ocean”, mixed media on found canvas, 20 x 16 inches, available. If you have comments or questions about this artwork or others on my website, please contact me here.

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