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Nurture Nature

Since this is my last blog post in 2023, I want to share about possible solutions - New Year Resolutions - for the environmental crisis to be pursued in the next months. This reminded me of my work, Nurture Nature: "Secrets" to Sustainable Beauty (see image), recently featured at the “State of the Emergency/State of the Earth” exhibit at Boston’s Midway Gallery.

I painted this diptych while meditating about the need for the natural cycle of biological diversity to be cherished and restored. We can start small, in our gardens. The actors? Native plants (such as New England Aster) that, along with pollinators like the essential bees, will restore food and habitats for other natural species. We must recover Nature’s “secret” to fight the man-made climate crisis, while fostering the beauty biodiversity brings and the connection that we have with Nature.

Also I have some exciting art news:

o SoWa Winter Festival. Lots of my work will be on sale in my shared studio space #213 at 450 Harrison Ave, Boston MA. Open until Sunday, December 17 -

HOURS: Thu: 4 - 9 pm; Fri: 4 - 9 pm; Sat: 10 am - 10 pm; Sun: 10 am - 7 pm

o Cambridge Art Association 2023 Holiday Small Works Sale, Dec 7-22, at CAA @ Canal Gallery, 650 E. Kendall St, Cambridge, MA.

Have an amazing holiday season!

Until January!

Image: “Nurture Nature: "Secrets" to Sustainable Beauty”, acrylic, acrylic pen, and ink pen on corrugated cardboard, approx. 44 11/18 x 45 inches (diptych of 2 panels of 44 11/18 x 21 inches/each), available and on view at the virtual exhibit: “Visiones de la Tierra (Visions of the Earth), at the Universidad Católica Argentina.

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Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
Dec 05, 2023

Another beautiful abstract painting by you! Happy Holidays, Adriana!!! Sorry for the delay with being able to read your blog. Lots of love to you!

Dec 05, 2023
Replying to

Dear Helena, Thank you so much for your super support to my work!!! And thanks for your comment about my work! 🥰 I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! 🤩 Much love to you as well❣️

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