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Hope, for starters

It is not too late to wish you a Happy New Year!


Last year ended with a big achievement for the environmentally conscious community: The agreement signed by almost 130 countries at the recent COP (Conference of the Parties) 28 marked a major step forward for the climate crisis, as it explicitly acknowledged the main perpetrator responsible for the climate crisis: fossil fuels. While the agreement does not spell out a complete phase out of fossil fuels and it has other significant caveats (including that it was hosted by the big fossil fuel-producer, the United Arab Emirates), it urges countries to transition away from these energy sources and calls for a tripling of renewable energy and doubling of energy efficiency during the next decade. The world is talking about a future without fossil fuels! There is much hope to continue fighting for our planet!  


In my little world, my studio, I continue to experiment working with repurposed stuff as much as possible, like my Poupée I (image below). There are times in which it is challenging but is really worth it to push my creativity to play with materials that otherwise would be tossed…


I am also busy working on some exciting new shows:

·         The Alchemy of Hope: Art for Climate Action, an exhibit with artist Yuko Oda at Proctor Academy, 204 Main Street, Andover NH, is now on view until May 26th, 2024.

·         i3C Artists show: Reimagining Our World: Rejected Materials Reinvented, curated by Martha Heller and yours truly, will be on view at LexArt, 130 Waltham Street, Lexington MA, from March 23rd to April 21st, 2024, with an Opening Reception on Sunday March 24th (2-4 pm).


Also, check these fantastic media outlets where you can learn more about the i3C artists group:

·         Watch video interviews to 6 i3C artists in the Green + Just section of Joana Alarcão’s Insights of an Eco Artist.

·         Read the article Art That Questions Consumption And May Spark Solutions by Leslie Pond, about the recent “Catch and Release” exhibit of i3C artists and guests at LabCentral and about the i3C Artists group, in the January 2024 issue of Fenway News.


Till next time!

Image: “Poupée I (from Disconnected Series)”, Mixed media (Fabric, earbuds, pantyhose, ribbon, thread, cardboard, and décor ceramic mask), 32 x 13 x 2.5 inches, will be available for view at the upcoming i3C Artists show, Reimagining Our World: Rejected Materials Reinvented, at LexArt, 130 Waltham Street, Lexington MA, from March 23rd to April 21st, 2024.

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