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Finding a Way to Speak Up about the Environmental Crisis through Art

I bet this post finds you busy, way more than what you would like to be… Almost end of the year! Holidays! Elections! Plans and more plans… Work, family, obligations… And time seems to slip from our hands…

In this part of the world, artists and our associated ecosystems have been very busy as well, and Art has bloomed while the leaves turn ochre, red, and yellow on the trees and on our yards and streets… So many amazing exhibits from old friends and friends to-be! Many of them at the Boston Art & Design SoWa area and the SoWa Artists Guild at 450 Harrison Ave building, where I share a space with amazing artists friends, Studio 213. Visit us for First Friday of the Month or the upcoming SoWa Winter Festival!

Art, any form of art - in my opinion - finds the audience in a place of contemplation and vulnerability. Art invites the viewer to feel, empathize, dream, suffer; imagine other realities and think differently, act differently. Art gives the artist an opportunity to become activists, to continue strengthening any type of social or environmental or justice movement, supporting others already engaged in these critical causes, and inspiring new people into the urgent need for change, acting as catalyzers of action, big or small, individual or societal. I was recently invited to write about my own art/climate/activism journey by talented writer/blogger/i3C artist/friend Cynthia Staples. Thank you for reading to learn more about me and my art!

Like my fellow artists, my days are hectic with multiple plans for various exciting upcoming exhibits and associated events of my own art and the art of the i3C Artists Group:

Until next time!

Image: “Telling the Climate Crisis Tales from Ocean Topographies I”, mixed media on found canvas, 20 x 16 inches, available. This painting will be on view at the “Unexpected #19” exhibit of the Experimental Group of the Rockport Art Association & Museum, coming up in November 2022. If you have comments or questions about this artwork or others on my website, please contact me here.

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